In Pompeii, a box of witchcraft items was found. Who did they belong to?

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In the article on the most dangerous places in the world, we mentioned the ancient Italian city of Pompeii buried under the lava of the volcano Vesuvius. As a result of the eruption 16,000 people died and hundreds of buildings remained under the hot rocks – their remains were discovered in 1748 during archaeological excavations. Scientists are still exploring the city and are surprised to find very interesting artifacts. Recently, for example, they managed to find the remains of a chest containing witchcraft items. The question was: who did they belong to and how were they used?

Archaeologists divide the city of Pompeii into nine parts of the city and carry out regular excavations in each one of them. After a long break, in 2018 the scientists continued to investigate the fifth district (Regio V), in which the so-called "house with garden" is located. The remains of ten people were found in this house – it is believed that they were members of the same family and very wealthy residents of the city. At the moment, scientists are trying to find family ties between people. In addition, they were also interested in another, more mysterious find.

Ritual objects in Pompeii

The fact is that in one of the rooms of a rich house, the remains of a wooden coffin were found containing items for witchcraft ceremonies. Because of the hot lava that even penetrated the houses, only bronze loops remained from the coffin. But the rocks perfectly protected the mirrors, necklaces, penis-shaped amulets, a human figure and various gems.

Ritual objects from a casket

Scientists do not believe that the box was owned by the owners themselves, as they did not have a single golden item that the rich liked so much. Most likely, it was one of the maids who used artifacts to perform magical rites. What exactly were the rituals that scientists probably can not find out for sure – they can not find and ask the owner? All that remains is to assume that the items were used to attract good luck and a good crop.

Witchcraft items

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Who survived in Pompeii?

Perhaps among the remnants of people found in the house is the body of the owner of the casket. If scientists do not find it, there is a chance that they could escape the legendary catastrophe. However, this is unlikely – during the eruption of Vesuvius a destructive cloud of rocks, ashes and smoke formed at a height of about 33 kilometers. In addition to the legendary city of Pompeii, two more cities were destroyed under the names of Herculaneum and Stabia.

Today, Pompeii is an open-air museum

The city of Pompeii is full of secrets, and dozens of films have been made about it. One of the best paintings on this subject is Pompeii 2014. For documentary filmmakers we recommend a look at Pompeii. Life, frozen in time "in 2016, which tells about archaeological excavations. If you know something interesting about this disaster, you can read it in the comments or in our telegram chat.

There are many mysterious places on our planet. Perhaps the city of Heraklion, which is currently under water, is more interesting than the city of Pompeii. Archaeologists have managed to expose only 5% of the lost city, but they already have something to tell. For example, a treasure ship was recently found underwater.