Huawei Watch Fit: what happens if you cross Apple Watch and Xiaomi Mi Band

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I never understood why other smartwatches are needed besides the Apple Watch. Indeed, often their functionality turned out to be plus or minus comparable to the capabilities of fitness bracelets. Notifications, counting steps, measuring heart rate and blood oxygen levels – all this is also in smart trackers worn on the wrist, which cost several times cheaper than smart watches. It is logical that the manufacturers quickly realized that they had nothing to catch in this market and either switched to the production of fitness bracelets, or refused to develop in this direction at all. But Huawei has tried to take the best of both worlds.

Huawei introduced a hybrid of a fitness bracelet and a smart watch

Huawei may soon be drastically cutting back on smartphones. But what in return?

Few people know that Huawei recently introduced the Huawei Watch Fit smartwatch, which can be called a hybrid with a fitness bracelet, or simply a fitness watch. Now the Chinese have announced their readiness to bring this device to Russia, and we, for our part, decided to figure out what is so special about it and whether it is worth buying.

What Huawei Watch Fit can do

Fitness watch

Fitness watches are a completely new concept for the wearable electronics market

If you look at the Huawei Watch Fit, you can immediately understand what the Chinese were inspired by. Outwardly, the device is very much like an elongated Apple Watch. A rounded aluminum case, a slightly protruding protective glass covering the display, and a side control button – all this gives out some secondary Watch Fit. But in art it has always been accepted to be inspired by someone, hasn’t it?

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Huawei smartphones got a good navigator instead of Google Maps

What makes a fitness bracelet different from a smartwatch? Probably the size of the display. It doesn’t matter what shape it will be, the main thing is that fitness bracelets always have noticeably less shape than smartwatches. Because of this, the tracker becomes a so-called passive use gadget. Despite the fact that Xiaomi has been systematically increasing the screen diagonal of its Mi Band for a long time, this did not give a qualitative breakthrough. But it seems that Huawei has found that line by making up for the shortcomings of fitness bracelets and smartwatches by releasing a versatile device.

Large display for a fitness bracelet – 1.64 inches; Long working time for smart watches – 10 days; Native software platform – not Wear OS; Advanced health tracking functions: heart rate monitor, SpO2 sensor, sleep tracker, calorie scanner, pedometer, exercise detection mechanism, breath analysis; More than 130 watch face designs that you can change as you like.

Should you buy the Huawei Watch Fit

From a functional point of view, the Huawei Watch Fit is a very advanced device that can track changes in your body even in passive mode. Perhaps, such a set of tracking tools is not found in the vast majority of smartwatches. Unless an ECG scanner was built in. But here it would hardly have come to the place – it is too expensive and difficult to certify. And if it could not be used anyway, then it turns out that the costs of its integration would be empty.

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Watch fit

Huawei Watch Fit can do more classic smartwatches, but are cheaper

With a fitness bracelet, the Huawei Watch Fit has in common, firstly, its compactness – although its display is large, but rather narrow, and, secondly, the low price, which is at least less than that of the top smartwatches from competing manufacturers. In Russia, a fitness watch from Huawei will cost 8 thousand rubles. Yes, it is more expensive than Xiaomi Mi Band 5 or Huawei Band 5 is sold today. But if we compare with solutions from Fitbit, it turns out that there is a fundamental difference in price between them, but in functionality – there is, and some other.

Why I advise everyone to install the latest update from Huawei

The Huawei Watch Fit, despite its versatility, is not a device for everyone. It is hardly suitable for those who saved on meals, just to buy Xiaomi Mi Band like their classmates. But those who were looking for an advanced smartwatch from a renowned manufacturer, but at the same time focused on sports, will definitely appreciate this gadget. The only pity is that there is no payment via NFC. And so I myself would have thought whether to acquire something similar.