How do you turn a car into a truck? Easy!

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What if you were told that your car could easily be turned into a powerful truck or a lightweight golf car? How would you imagine that? Surely you would assume that you get something like a transformer that replaces the wheels and rebuilds the cabin and bodywork, which changes its appearance. This is not fantastic, though. The Israeli company REE has recently introduced a universal platform that allows you to create cars of any configuration. In this case you do not have to "transform".

For the past six years, REE engineers have been working on a completely unique technology for the production of cars in the strictest secrecy mode. It's hard to believe, but REE has managed to put all the main parts of the car (engine, transmission, suspension, brakes, etc.) in the wheel arch. One can say that the Israeli company "reinvented the car".

What is the uniqueness of the technology?

Daniel Barel, the founder and inspirer of the project, explains that their approach is a logical evolution of the idea of ​​developing electric vehicles. Finally, the new development aims to use electricity as an energy carrier.

"Electric cars should not be limited to form factors and solutions that have evolved in the manufacture of internal combustion engine cars. When you consume power, the transmission, suspension and steering may not necessarily be the same as our regular cars, "says Barel.

The idea is to use a modular, flexible and easily scalable platform on which any type of road transport can be made.

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How does it work

The heart of the development is, as the developers called it, the "wheel module". That he is the component responsible for all systems of the car. The wheel module contains everything you need: from the brakes to the transmission. The wheel modules are connected to the platform and the whole arrangement is reminiscent of a "big skateboard". In this case, you can attach any body or cabin on the "skateboard".

Each wheel module has its own tasks. Roughly speaking, with one version of the module you can achieve the maximum speed, with the other the highest capacity and with the third the best throughput.

At the same time and during the repair, there are no difficulties: we lift the car, remove the wheel modules, replace the parts and put everything back in. Or we exchange the modules for modules of another type and get a new car. Will only change the case.

One of the prototypes with installed wheel modules

A promising area of ​​application of the platform is also the creation of unmanned vehicles. First, for the delivery of goods.

"I think autonomous delivery of goods will be one of the first areas where we can apply our technology," says Daniel Barel. "With the new configuration of the car and also in the absence of the driver, we increase the interior by 50-70 percent. This means that many more goods can be reloaded at the same time. "

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