Fire in Mytishchi CHP. What is known about this station?

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In the suburb Mytischi occurred a man-made disaster. A major fire occurred on a gas pipeline near CHPP-27 Severnaya. At the high pressure station, the burning torch rose 50 meters into the sky. The fire was assigned a third, increased degree of complexity. According to emergency services, the fire area was 800 square meters. To fight the fire, two helicopters, two fire brigades and more than a hundred people were sent. According to the latest information, 11 people have suffered from the fire. They turned to doctors.

Fire at the CHP plant in Mytishchi

The network has a lot of videos and photos of eyewitnesses who can be seen a big fire. Around noon, the torch fire was defeated, but the fire spread to the administration building. As the publication of the RIA Novosti reveals, citing a source in the ambulance service, one of the station's power plants was shut down in the event of a fire.

What is known about CHP-27?

It looks like CHP-27

The company is part of the capital's energy system and is located in the village of Chelobitevo, Mytishchi district, Moscow region. The station is managed by the territorial production company Mosenergo. The electrical power of the station is 1060 MW. The main fuel of the station is natural gas.

The construction of CHP 27 began in 1987 under the Soviet Union. But it ended already after the collapse of the USSR in 1992. Originally it was called "Northern Thermal Power Plant". The first unit was launched in 1996 and the second in 1998. The third unit was launched in 2007. It became the most powerful power plant of Mosenergo, with which about 400,000 apartments could be illuminated. Its capacity is 450 MW. This is the most modern power plant in the region.

Thanks to this station, more than one million inhabitants of the northern and northeastern districts of Moscow and the city of Mytischi receive heat and electricity.

CHP-27 is known not only in Russia, but also in Europe as the most environmentally friendly power plant. Natural gas is used as main and substitute fuel, excluding emissions of soot, sulfur oxides and hydrocarbons. The station is equipped with cleaning systems that protect against noise, infrasound, vibration and electromagnetic fields.

According to media reports, witnesses of the accident and residents reported interruptions of electricity and hot water supply. How many people left without electricity is not yet known. The situation with the fire took over the personal control of the governor of the Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov.

Mosenergo said the station's equipment was not damaged. In order to supply the population with energy, the company has removed additional electricity generation and capacity expansions from the reserve already in operation.

Functional diagram of CHP

Simplified work pattern

The main task of power plants, boilers, electrical and heating networks is the generation, conversion and distribution of electrical energy and heat to consumers.

Efficiency and environmental friendliness of steam and gas plants

The use of highly efficient combination plants allows an overall efficiency of up to 52% and at the same time saves 30% of gas compared to conventional steam-driven systems. In addition, the use of combined cycle power plant technology reduces the amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

Problems with CHP-27 already existed

In the history of Mytishchi CHP-27 there were several problems.

For example, CHP 27 was stopped in 2009 due to damage to the gas pipeline in the Moscow region. The station was restored the same day.

In 2011, one of the transformers caught fire on the station. The fire area was 220 square meters. Luckily the dead and injured were not.