Facebook has lost another database containing 419 million phone numbers of users (2 photos)

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The largest social network in the world, Facebook, is experiencing another scandal related to the loss of control over user confidential data. On an open-access server, cyber security specialist Sanyam Jane identified a database of phone numbers associated with Facebook accounts in the amount of more than 419 million entries.

Each of the entries discovered by an enthusiast stored a phone number, Facebook account identifier, and for some “happy” accounts even the full username. The leak was international in nature – users from many countries of the world suffered. However, to the trouble of Facebook, the largest number of entries corresponded to users from the United States, there were over 133 million of such records. More than 50 million Facebook customers from Vietnam also found themselves in an open telephone database, 13 million citizens with UK “merged” phone numbers were identified.

The danger of open access to phone numbers is that with its use, an attacker can reset the password for your Facebook account, which was immediately confirmed by meticulous journalists. It is noted that officially access to users' phones on Facebook was banned over a year ago, however, the latest entries made in August 2019 were revealed in the database.

Representatives of Facebook insist that the base is old and leaked for more than a year. According to the social network, not a single account was hacked using this data. The most amazing thing is that no one was able to determine who owns the server on which the database is located, so they could only disable access after contacting the hosting provider.

Criminals having access to users' phones can use them to spread spam. However, an attack with the aim of intercepting a SIM card can become more serious, as a result of which passwords can be reset, changed and gain control of all data related to the phone, including the finances of the victim.

Source: techcrunch