Disaster victims are rescued by robots that look like ants.

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Ants are truly amazing insects that, with their small size, can build giant anthills, provide food for thousands of relatives and fight other colonies. They easily handle such complex tasks in a team – they each have their own responsibilities and carry out each action together. Scientists from Switzerland believe that by creating a colony of tiny robots that work as well as ants, they are able to quickly find victims of earthquakes and other disasters beneath the ruins of homes. The development of such robots has already begun, and scientists have already shown what they are capable of.

Robot ants are called Tribots. They are very simple and made with their 10 grams of weight of three moving plates that are bent in different directions. When insect robots move them, they can crawl and jump in different directions. So they can climb over obstacles and jump over cliffs – if they look for people under cairns, such abilities are obviously useful for them.

Robots communicate with each other

Ideally, developers want small robots like ants to interact with each other. They strive for every little robot to have its own role. For example, it would be good if one of them could be programmed to manage the entire colony, explore the territory and warn the relatives of the danger or gather materials for the construction of facilities.

By the way, robots can help each other

Scientists say robots can now take on different tasks and communicate with each other. These abilities of mechanical ants, however, were not shown in the video. If this is really true, such robots may even be smarter than real ants, as their functions may change at any time, depending on the situation. For example, if the robot was involved in exploring the area, he may be given the command to collect items as needed.

The best robots to save people

By creating a colony of tiny robots, researchers can teach them to search for humans under the rubble of demolished homes. Nowadays, large robots with caterpillar wheels, such as tanks, are being used for this purpose, but they are too expensive, can not penetrate into narrow gaps, and thus make the rescue process more difficult. In turn, robotic ants are inexpensive, compact and numerous – if one of them collapses, the colony continues to work as if nothing had happened.

To rescue people from the rubble not only chain robots, but also four-legged "savior" are used. One of the most amazing of them is Centauro, who can move through the ruins with the help of four legs. He also has two hands with which he can lift heavy stones.

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