Designers have designed their Tesla pickup options. Which one do you like more?

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At the end of November, Tesla caused a lot of noise with the long-awaited electric pickup Cybertruck. According to the technical characteristics indicated, the passenger car proved to be very good, but its appearance became a cause for dissatisfaction and ridicule among Internet users. Many people literally hate the new product for its overly futuristic design with an angular and sloppy shape, but some designers praised the company for its courage. After the announcement of the electric pickup, some craftsmen painted their own vision of a Tesla truck. Someone improved their bikes, while others decided to make it even more serious and durable, although the novelty already has all of these features. How do third-party designers see the perfect pickup?

Tesla Cybertruck car

The most interesting images of Tesla Cybertruck's modifications were shared by journalists from the Electrek publication. In her opinion, some of the design work is really interesting and it would be cool to see it in reality. Making such modifications is of course very difficult, but after the pickup went on sale in late 2021, some third parties will be able to produce stylish additions for it. For example, spacious trailers and even RVs can be offered for sale. Maybe even Tesla will take care of it and create another profitable source of income.


1 Tesla rugged car
2 Tesla pickups for driving in the snow
3 Tesla SUVs
4 Armed Tesla pickup truck
5 Tesla touring cars

Tesla rugged car

The Ilon Mask electric pickup already has a strong body and its bulletproof glass is made with the technology developed by Tesla and may even be protected from bullets. Only at the presentation did the driver's car window crack a stone that was thrown at him, so that the claimed shock resistance of the new product is still in question.

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Maybe that's why a designer named Arnold Verghese is an even more solid version of the electric pickup. In general, he did not change the design of the body, but instead equipped the rear of the pickup with double wheels that were supposed to improve its grip. You may also notice that he has lifted the body of the novelty higher off the ground, which should improve his off-road ability.

Tesla Heavy Duty Pickup

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Tesla pickup for driving in the snow

Tesla electric cars drive great on winter roads, but it's hard to imagine a car driving in the icy conditions of distant Antarctica. However, the modification of the pickup drawn by the design team Innov8 Design Lab should please the leaders of the polar expeditions. And all because the white-painted car is equipped with caterpillar wheels that are not afraid of heavy snow drifts or slippery ice.

Tesla pickup truck with caterpillar wheels

Tesla off-road vehicle

However, it is quite difficult for cars to drive through hot deserts with fine and hot sand. However, this is on the shoulder of a modification of a Tesla wide-body pickup drawn by designer John Sibal. It is likely that this shape will give it more stability and allow it to walk hundreds of kilometers in difficult terrain.

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Continue with Truckin. , My widebody cybertruck is back to the right height in the terrain and is moving on earth … or is stuck in a fast sand

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Posted by Jon Sibal (@jonsibal) on December 10, 2019 at 11:17 p.m. PST

Armed Tesla pickup

One time, Elon Musk said that the design of the car was partly inspired by the Warthog military vehicle from the Halo game series. In games it is used for various purposes from reconnaissance to armed attacks and is equipped with a machine gun. In this context, an artist named Mo Aoun (Mo Aoun) decided to show what the military version of the Tesla pickup would look like. It turned out to be very threatening and now it seems that the novelty would be better suited for the conduct of military operations and not for driving on streets in the city.

Fantastic version of the Tesla pickup

Recently, Elon Musk used the Tesla Cybertruck prototype to go to a restaurant

Tesla travel Car

In American films, you must have seen how families went on a trip in the so-called "motorhome". The same mobile home, according to the designers, can be made from the celebrated Tesla pickup. It is equipped with two wheels and attached to the rear of the car. Inside there is a kitchen and berths. This seems like a great option for travel lovers, and Tesla may release such an addition in the future.

"At home on wheels" from a Tesla pickup

And if you don't want to live in a shaky house, you can take a closer look at the house of the Russian artist Alexander Nerovnya. Like the car, it has an angular shape and looks extremely futuristic. Yes, that's very strange, but if future owners of the Tesla pickup buy such a case, it will go well with a parked car.

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The perfect home for Tesla fans

Finally, it is interesting to know which of the following modifications of the Tesla Cybertruck have been the most popular. We invite you to take part in our small survey.