China is developing a reusable rocket like SpaceX. What can she do?

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Do you know that every launch of a space rocket will cost at least $ 60 million to aerospace companies? To reduce costs, SpaceX began in 2013 to think about the production of reusable rockets. The reuse of the first steps and head panels has already been established. The reuse of disguises already saves $ 6 million – not bad, right? Recently, the private Chinese company Linkspace made a breakthrough in the production of reusable rockets. It raised its test rig RLV-T5 to a height of 300 meters and successfully landed it on the ground.

The main objective of Linkspace is to create the Newline 1 rocket with two stages, the first of which will be reusable. Judging by the description, the device will be very similar to the SpaceX launcher Falcon 9. At least, the Chinese company plans to implement reusability as well as Ilona Mask. That is, after separating the steps at high altitude, the first sinks back to the ground and sits on a special platform.

Reusable rocket from China

When SpaceX developed the land system for the first stage, it did not test it with a finished rocket, but with a test rocket called Grasshopper. The Chinese company Linkspace also took no risks and put in the test the rocket RLV-T5 with five with ethanol and liquid oxygen powered engines. The height of the 1.5 kg prototype is 8.1 meters and the diameter 65 centimeters. In the spring, the rocket launched at a height of 20 and 40 meters and was now able to fly up to 300 meters, spend 50 seconds in the air and gently lower the launch pad.

The company does not want to stop there – at the next launch, the rocket RLV-T5 will rise to a height of one kilometer. If all goes well, an improved prototype called the RLV-T6 will be used for further testing, which can start several tens of kilometers off the ground. If this test is successful, the rocket may well try to make a suborbital flight at a height of 100 km at the conditional boundary between earth and space.

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The first launch of a Chinese rocket

Ideally, the creation of the reusable launcher Newline-1 in 2021 should be completed. In the same year, the company wants to complete its first start. It is expected that the Chinese rocket can carry cargo weighing up to 200 kilograms into a 500-kilometer orbit. In fact, this is not a particularly impressive indicator because the same Falcon 9 can load a 200-kilometer orbit with 5500 kilograms. However, it should be noted that the height of the Newline 1 rocket must not exceed 8 meters, while the height of the Falcon 9 reaches 70 meters.

Appearance of launcher Newline-1

The Chinese authorities are promoting the development of the aerospace industry, so there are many manufacturers of space rockets in the country. For example, Landspace, founded in 2015, was the first private company to receive space rockets in China. At the end of last year, she tried to launch a rocket called Zhuque-1, but an accident occurred during the flight.

Reusable Rocket Creates and Russia. The tests will begin in 2022

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