Children can quickly invent their own sign language

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Despite numerous studies, scientists still do not know exactly when and how people learned to speak. Some researchers believe that the conversational language originated about 50,000 years ago, but others are confident that this ability arose much earlier. It is extremely difficult to figure out how humanity came to languages, as most modern languages ​​have been developed and evolved over a very long time. However, scientists do not give up and sometimes their work gives very interesting results. For example, researchers from America, Germany and other countries have recently found that small children can quickly develop their own sign language.

Children can always find a common language.

The discovery was made during the experiment, the nature and results of which were published in the scientific publication Medical Xpress. As part of a new scientific work, scientists decided to find out how quickly people can find a way to talk to each other without speaking words. To do this, they gathered a group of children and gave them the opportunity to speak on the Internet via video. They saw each other perfectly, but could not hear – the researchers turned off their microphones in advance.

How do people find similarities?

The small participants had the task of explaining to their interlocutor what is depicted on the white pages. At first, the drawings were as simple as a hammer, and the children just had to show with their hands how to tap an imaginary nail. However, the images gradually became more complex and at the end the participants were shown a blank sheet of paper. And do you think that the children could explain to the interlocutor what they see?

Did you know that children can easily learn to write by correcting the mistakes of robots?

Of course yes After some time, the children pointed to a white spot on their clothes. Then they tacitly agreed that a certain hand movement would indicate white. That is, by that time, they had already begun to develop their own sign language. The first word in her general vocabulary was "white" in this case. After 30 minutes of conversation, the conversation partners had a small list of gestures that symbolized a word.

Sign language was invented in antiquity

Researchers say their work has proven that children can not only learn their native language, but can also develop their own if needed. On this basis, it can be assumed that the elderly have managed to quickly establish a basic language for communicating with each other. And only then, for thousands of years, have they been busy enriching.

The noun of 2019

It is important to know that our language is also gradually evolving. Many of the words used today in the 20th century seem strange and are almost never used in everyday language. But instead, there are new words that are increasingly common in conversations with people around them.

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Finally, I would like to share an interesting fact. Surely many of our readers know that Oxford University chooses the so-called "Word of the Year" every year. This status was assigned to the term "climate emergency" in 2019, which can be translated as "extreme climate situation". And all because the issue of global warming has been raised so many times over the past year and has sparked many disputes.