Car sales in Russia will go on the Internet

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Modern document management is inseparable from computer technology and is impossible without the Internet. Also, the biometric data of a particular person is converted into electronic form. Integrating these achievements of our time, the Russian ministries of the Ministry of Communications and the Ministry of Internal Affairs are going to simplify and speed up the process of registering the purchase or sale of a car by Russian citizens as early as next year.

To implement the plan, a free platform will be created on which interested people can get acquainted with all the technical data about the car. In addition, users will be available to familiarize themselves with the list of owners of the machine, the presence of judicial decisions in relation to it, as well as other necessary documents.

Users registered on the new portal of public services will be able to electronically draw up a car purchase and sale agreement and sign it with an electronic signature. All data on the parties to the contract and the technical data of the car are entered into the standard contract automatically, which will avoid errors or fraud.

In addition, on the basis of the agreement, the new owners receive a draft application to the traffic police for registration of the vehicle, in which all the data is also filled in automatically, eliminating the possibility of forgery or errors when entering data. Work with the new platform may begin as early as 2020, but only for individuals of the Russian Federation.

Source: Kommersant