Can a dream help eyewitnesses remember the face of a criminal?

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More recently, scientists from the US state of Michigan have found that few urban crimes are committed in the allergy season between the beginning of spring and the autumn. This is due to the fact that the painful condition affects not only ordinary people, but also potential criminals who simply can not harm others due to collapse. For the rest of the time, however, crimes are still committed and the police must find and arrest their participants as quickly as possible. In this case, eyewitnesses of the incidents help them a lot, but many of them sometimes can not remember the exact occurrence of misdemeanors. Scientists have long known that a dream helps to restore memory. And what does he do? If eyewitnesses sleep well before identifying a criminal, will they quickly remember his face?

Recording from the movie "Suspicious Faces"

To find out, scientists from the United States and the United Kingdom conducted a study, the results of which were published in the scientific publication Medical Xpress. The scientific work was attended by 4,000 volunteers who were shown a video with a false crime. Their task was to watch the video carefully, to remember the character of the offender and to recognize him in a special room with several suspects.

Does sleep improve memory?

Only now was the recognition process carried out at different times. The participants were divided into three groups, in which the first could sleep at night. The second group of people were not allowed to sleep the day before the identification of a criminal. But the rest of the participants entered the room with the suspects immediately after seeing the video of the crime. According to researchers, sleepy people should have pointed out a real criminal much faster than others, but their expectations have been destroyed.

The dream is really useful, but not to better remember the criminal's face

As it turned out, almost all eyewitnesses did an excellent job of remembering the special signs of the person who committed the crime. It turned out that the absence and sleep had virtually no impact on the memory of the witnesses and they realized that the needed person was just as fast. The researchers concluded that while a dream can improve a person's memory, it does not affect the ability of witnesses to remember violations of the law.

Recently, scientists have found that sleep helps the brain forget unnecessary memories.

However, the results of the study may be subject to great doubt. The fact is, there's a big difference between watching a crime video in a comfortable chair and looking at a real-life murder. If a person actually witnesses a terrible event, he can panic and he will not remember anything. In this matter, it is unlikely that a healthy sleep will help him. Maybe eyewitnesses of crime can not fall asleep from their experience.

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Nevertheless, scientists are confident that their scientific work should help the police. In her opinion, the results of her research should be taken into account in all legal proceedings. It is very likely that if the witness is sure that his choice is correct, the suspect is indeed the culprit, regardless of whether the eyewitness slept before the process of identification or not.