Audi introduced the SUV without headlights. Flying drones brighten his way.

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In the German city of Frankfurt, a big auto show is taking place, where automobile manufacturers are showing the public new models of electric and hybrid cars. Of course, the German company Audi, which is keen to experiment and has recently invented a hybrid of scooters and skateboards, gradually tells of their fresh ideas. During the exhibition, she decided to talk about a conceptual SUV called AI: Trail, which was intended for nature trips. There are no headlamps – instead the driveway of the car is illuminated by drones flying in front of them with powerful flashlights.

AI Car: Trail with flying drones instead of headlights

We have no idea what kind of people invented this car, but they are clearly science fiction fans. The SUV is unlike any of today's cars because it has a very futuristic appearance. The aluminum housing consists of a capsule whose doors swing open in different directions. Inside, nothing is superfluous – just seats, a steering wheel in the shape of a steering wheel and a stand for a smartphone that you can use to configure the car.

Audi interior

New Audi SUV

The most interesting feature is, of course, the total absence of headlamps. Instead, the company suggests using two flying drones that hover in front of the car and illuminate its path. This is a very effective approach for an SUV that can overcome water hazards over 1.5 meters deep thanks to its huge, widely spaced 22-inch wheels. If he had the usual headlights, the light would often be blocked by splashes of water, and thanks to the drones, the driver always sees the illuminated path.

The Audi car has no headlights, but there are drones with flashlights

What does an SUV of the future look like?

Now it's worth talking about numbers. Despite the fact that the car AI: Trail currently exists only in the form of a concept, the company shared the dimensions of its body. The futuristic SUV is 4.15 meters long, 2.15 meters wide and 1.67 meters high. And that with a mass of 1.75 tons.

Instead of steering the Audi AI: Trail, he is equipped with a helmet

The car is fully electric with electric motors on each wheel. A load should be enough, according to the makers, to overcome 500 kilometers of asphalt road and 250 kilometers of impassable terrain with water barriers and cairns. The company clearly positions the car as a means of transport through forests and mountains – this is reflected not only in the design, but also in the configuration.

Incidentally, the monarch car will be developed in Russia and charged in 3 minutes

If the Audi SUV ever come on the market, the buyers get a flickering flashlight like a campfire and even a pair of binoculars. The back seats of the car can be removed to have more space for luggage or to use as a bed while driving.

In general, Audi is very interested in getting rid of the familiar elements of cars and replacing them with something unusual and high-tech. For example, in 2018 she introduced a car without a rearview mirror. Instead, she suggested installing several cameras on the back to transfer the image to the screens on the front doors. It sounds interesting, but do you find it convenient? Write your opinion in our telegram chat.