Artificial intelligence began to understand languages ​​better than humans. What next?

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In recent years, the term "artificial intelligence" has been striking the news headlines with enviable regularity. And many AI-based systems are no worse off than humans in many areas. Cars turn cyber athletes into video games, make scientific discoveries, and have more recently learned to understand languages ​​much better than humans.

Who has developed a new program based on AI?

The new program was developed by a major Chinese conglomerate, Alibaba, and works with Microsoft's MS MARCO dataset, as reported by MIT Technology Review. Roughly speaking, MS MARCO is an extensive database that collects real queries that users have made to the Bing search engine. Inquiries and their formulation in different languages ​​were "trained" by artificial intelligence.

How to teach AI

In fact, everything is very simple. The program had to process a large number of web pages to answer the question "What is a company?". Based on user requests and the output response options, the system has developed an algorithm that can be used to formulate a response. Interestingly, the answer itself was not displayed to the system. She had to "guess" which option was right. In other words, "People taught Google the car."

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In this case, the wording "A company is a company or a group of persons empowered to act as a single organization and recognized as such at the legal level" has been considered correct. When the time came for the control tests, the system and people were asked about this question, and the machine got along much faster. In addition, the AI ​​issued the correct answer in other languages ​​(and not only in the one to which the request was made).

Why do you need this?

According to Lu Xi, senior vice president of Alibaba, the new algorithm has a bright future.

"AI will enhance chat bots that initially communicate with customers of online stores or customers of Internet service providers. In addition, it will be a key element for improving the work of search engines and translators. Nevertheless, it is still far from a nationwide communication with cars. Most algorithms answer questions based on facts, but unlike humans, they do not have the necessary reasoning skills. It would be nice to add such a feature in the future. "

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