Amazon opens access to his quantum computer

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Technology giants like Google and IBM have long struggled to be the first to develop a truly affordable quantum computer. Nevertheless, the well-known company of Jeff Bezos, Amazon, is not in such a hurry to get into this battle. Instead, they simply run a program to access their quantum computer. Unfortunately, not everyone can use the technology of the future, but the fact that this happened is simply amazing. A few years ago, it was impossible to dream of such an opportunity.

Amazon is doing something new!

What the Amazon Quantum Computing Service Can Do

The new service is called Amazon Braket, and this is the first attempt by such a large company to turn the emerging field of the quantum computer into a service that you can access over the Internet.

Amazon Braket is a fully managed service with unparalleled security and data encryption levels. In it you can fully control the work of the quantum computer. – Amazon explains in its official address on The Verge Portal.

But there is a small catch. "You" in this case does not mean a specific person, but the corporate customers of Amazon. At the same time not only pre-built algorithms can be used with the service itself, but also new developments can be created. Quantum computers can perform calculations much faster than conventional supercomputers – this is because their quantum bits (qubits) can be present in multiple quantum states simultaneously, while the "classical" bits have only two – zero and one, respectively.

The service will enable a wide range of individuals and companies to gain experience with qubits and quantum computers. You can create and test circuits in our environment and then run them on a true quantum computer.

But Amazon does not stop here. Company officials also claim that they are creating a "quantum computer center," a true laboratory that assembles quantum computers. It will be located next to the California Institute of Technology (Caltech). The Director of Quantum Computing confirmed Wired that Amazon is also working on "other quantum devices".

Why do we need quantum computers?

As already mentioned, quantum computers can theoretically calculate much faster, since qubits have a much greater potential. If you believe the statements of other companies (but do not believe that this makes no sense), the performance gain in calculations can increase significantly. Not so long ago, Google announced that its 54-qubit quantum sycamore has enabled it to perform a computation that would take 10,000 years to go from the most powerful ordinary supercomputer to date. How do you like these speeds? Do you want to use a quantum computer? Write about it in our chat in telegram.

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However, the production of quantum computers is extremely expensive. Because of this, Amazon (and Microsoft) are trying to turn them into a public service. Of course, they can only use large corporations so far. After all, nothing prevents companies from expanding the scope if they succeed and "leaving" you and me there.