A creepy experiment showed how cats eat human corpses

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There are many extremely unpleasant stories on the Internet about all kinds of crimes and other terrible situations. For example, if you travel the vastness of the World Wide Web, you may come across articles that describe how harmless domestic cats at first glance have eaten body parts of their suddenly deceased owners. Basically, you can't blame them – cats are predators by nature, and if there is no food at home, they can enjoy the dead hosts. As a rule, they mainly eat soft tissue in the eyes and lips. But what other parts of the body do our pets like? Researchers at the so-called "Body Farm" in the US state of Colorado have tried to answer this extremely scary question.

Frame from the series "Sabrina the little witch"

The results of the study were published in a scientific publication called the Journal of Forensic Sciences. Using cameras installed at the Colorado Dead Body Exploration Research Center, scientists were able to observe which parts of the human body wild cats pay the most attention to. As a reference it should be mentioned that there are many "farms" with decaying corpses in the world. Thanks to them, forensic experts can observe the stages of decomposing corpses in the fresh air. Based on the data collected, the police can more easily determine the time and cause of death and investigate crimes more quickly.

Most "corpse farms" are located in the United States and Australia. The authorities of many other countries prohibit such investigations at the legal level.

Is it true that cats eat people?

In a scientific study, scientists observed two cats that regularly entered a rotting corpse in Colorado and ate the bodies of two people. The first thing the researchers noticed was an Asian tabby cat. She went around several corpses and somehow drew attention to the body of a 79-year-old woman. During the entire 35 days, the cat visited the farm regularly and slowly ate the soft parts of the left hand and the chest of the decaying body. However, she ignored the bodies of the remaining 40 people. Scientists believe that the predator chose a woman's body because holes were placed on her body for research purposes. The cat could get relatively fresh and nutritious meat and fat from the tearing.

As much as we don't want to admit this, our pets can eat us well

The researchers also observed the behavior of a cat that had eaten the body of a 70-year-old man for more than a week. This specimen particularly liked the areas near the shoulder, left arm and abdomen. According to scientists, this cat has drawn attention to these parts of the body because it reaches the nutrient tissue more easily.

It turns out that cats can eat their owners well, even if they are perceived as their parents

It is noteworthy that the taste of domestic and wild cats can be very different in relation to dead human bodies. During the course of this study, it was found that wild animals love limbs, but pets generally eat the nose, eyes, and lips of their dead hosts. At least this is borne out by the results of studies carried out years earlier.

One of these scientific papers was published in the science journal ScienceDirect in 2009. Warning – the source contains terrible photos. So it is better not to look at them for the faint of heart!

After this terrible research, the scientists learned some other interesting facts about cats. The results obtained can also be used by forensics and police officers to solve crimes or mysterious deaths.