419 million records from the publicly accessible Facebook database

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Facebook, one of the largest IT companies and part-time owner of the social network of the same name, WhatsApp Messenger, Instagram, Oculus Rift and a few other lower-ranked projects continue to cause problems. It seems that scams related to Facebook's negligent attitude towards users' personal data have just subsided when a new disaster arrived: the network recently found a database of more than 419 million records linked to Facebook accounts. In addition, this database contained much information about users, and according to the reports, the source of the leak was not Facebook.

Facebook user data has entered the network. Again

What data from Facebook users have entered the network?

It should be noted at once that you should not worry if you have a Facebook account registered in the Russian Federation. According to information from network security specialist Sanyama Jaina, most of the records refer to residents of the United States, Britain and (suddenly) Vietnam. The databases themselves were discovered on an open server that was not even password protected.

Personal information shared with the network included, but is not limited to, Facebook identifiers, and in some cases user name, gender, and country of residence, the platform from which users accessed Facebook, and, worst of all, phone numbers. Sanyam Jain also said in an interview with TechCrunch that he found the phone numbers of some celebrities.

This leaked record is obviously not fresh. And apparently it has information that was released more than a year ago, a Facebook spokesman said. This information was received before we improved our security system. In addition, the current databases are in perfect condition and we have no reports that they have been compromised.

Most recently, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said security problems had been resolved.

In addition, after analysis, it has become known that the database found on the network contains a large amount of information that is duplicated. Thus, the actual number of leaked data is about 2 times less. Over 200-210 million records. That's still too much. And if the gender and age data are not particularly dangerous then the phone numbers are very serious. Even if you believe the Facebook representatives and take into account the fact that the database is really "not fresh," people usually do not change phone numbers very often. And this can "trigger" phone spam on users' smartphones. However, this is far from the worst. If you know the phone number, you can access various services (not just Facebook) such as e-mail or even bank accounts. However, to access our telegram channel, it is not necessary to leave personal data. So you can subscribe for sure!

This is interesting: the new neuronal interface of Facebook reads thoughts almost without delay

In addition, cybercriminals have long been storing systems of "divorce" users based on their personal data. For obvious reasons, we can not leave a link to the leaked database. But there is an interesting point in her: access to the database has been closed fairly quickly. But "those who need it" have managed to back up all the files. So the information is already on the network. As they say, everything on the internet stays on the internet. Dear Readers, be vigilant and think twice before posting information about yourself on the Internet.