267 Million Facebook Clients Disclosed

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Another problem with the storage of personal data of users arose at Facebook. The final year of the week was unsuccessful for high-tech companies in the field of reliable storage of personal information of customers. Along with Facebook last week, the company that manufactures Ring smart home systems (Amazon) was at risk of data leakage for its users, and Internet game developer Zynga was unable to prevent data leakage of 170 million customers.

Another “flaw” of Facebook in the field of reliable data storage was identified by information systems security expert Bob Dyachenko and Сomparitech, who discovered a public database of Facebook users.

The expert said that the leak primarily affected Facebook customers residing in the United States. The lion's share of the customer base identified on the Internet contains information on American users of the social network. In total, 267 140 436 Facebook accounts were publicly available. Information could be freely downloaded from December 4 to 19 this year from specialized hacker resources. The database contained special Facebook account IDs, usernames and their phone numbers.

The source and method of leakage of information has not yet been clarified, however, there is a version that the abduction was committed by Vietnamese hackers who use scripts to browse Facebook pages and take advantage of the flaws in protecting the Facebook API.

Representatives of Facebook claim that the leak took place before the security update in April 2018, when information about the phone number of customers was removed from the Facebook API. Thus, the database identified Dyachenko at least 18 months.
The database is currently unavailable, however, there is a possibility that it was copied and will be used for SMS phishing and spam mailings.

Source: Comparitech

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